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Lost in the Supermarket

On the plan, the supermarket is a very different place. Most of the aisles are no-eat zones. Cookies & crackers - no. Cereal, bread & juice - no. All chips - no. Ice cream - no. It's like opting out of the industrial food system.

At the 'regular' grocery store, all we buy is paper goods and some vegetables. I haven't touched grocery store meat in years & I'm not starting now.

The Whole Foods is a little better. I somewhat trust the meat there, but still, half the store is off limits. The beer fridge mocks me every time I walk by.

As I've said before, lunch is a big PITA. This week I had two Chipotle bowls, two omelets and a salad. I have to find more lunch options. I have a feeling I'm going to be eating lunch at nicer places to get some variety. If anything is going to drive me off the diet, it's lunch.


Starting Weight: 181.8 lbs

Weight 5/6/11: 174.2 lbs

Tomorrow it's cheat day, which includes working in the morning, a Cubs game with hotdogs and beer at noon and then some good unhealthy Mexican food for dinner.

I also suggest placing a bet on Master of Hounds in the Kentucky Derby. I like him & Nehro.

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