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Obsession (or the Texas Steak)

I had a very weird dream last night.

I was at a TGI Friday's like restaurant with some friends. I was in a panic because everything on the menu was either on bun with fries, breaded and deep fried or pasta. The only exception was a $34.95 steak. What was odd was the steak was shaped like the state of Texas. Not sure why I clearly remember the price but I do. So I had to choose between something off the plan of or the really expensive Texas steak. I remember trying to get the steak but the waitresses wouldn't listen to me for long enough to get my order.

It was all very weird.

I was talking to a friend of mine here at work last week about scales & weighing in. She's in her late 20s and the only reason I brought it up with her is she's in very good shape & has some fitness gadgets. I was telling her about the Withings scale and my daily weigh-in routine & she told me that some of her friends weigh themselves multiple times per day. I know that what I do probably is frowned upon by weight loss people, but obsessing about your weight like that is crazy.

On the other hand, I kind of get it. The past two weeks my weight has been bouncing around and it is frustrating. I can see how someone could freak out after a couple bad days and decide that since they haven't lost weight in three days, they've been eating too much and begin starving themselves. Skip a meal, then weigh yourself a few hours later to prove you did the right thing. A vicious cycle can start very easily with that mentality. I've been annoyed the past two weeks that I haven't made a new low weight. I can see how that frustration turns into doing desperate things.

I know that my lack of progress is mostly due to going on vacation and eating and drinking whatever I wanted, including lots of beer, bread and other things not on the plan. It was worth it, but it pretty much killed the chances of making my goal for the end of May. 

My goal for June 30 is 165 lbs. I think it's 50:50 if I can pull it off. The weather is finally warm enough to run outside (I'm a cold weather wuss) so that should help.

Starting Weight: 181.8 lbs

Weight 5/24/11: 174.8 lbs

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