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Monkey Flu

In my office a couple of jerks in the next cube over have been sick for weeks. No matter how sick they were they were very diligent about coming into work and spreading their disease.

After the first guy (patient 0) was sick for a while I started calling it "Monkey Flu", because he whatever he had was worse than bird flu. The name has stuck. It took them three weeks, but the guys in the next cube over finally gave me the monkey flu. Hit me Sunday night, have been somewhat out of sorts since then.

I have to be over this before we leave for California on May 11.


Cheat day 1 went ok, but I didn't really go crazy like some of the examples in the book. The limit of my cheating was an egg roll, two potstickers and a couple beers. I'll try a little harder next week.

Thinking about getting a Withings scale. Supposed to be accurate and it's wifi enabled so it will automatically log weight data for me. It also does body fat % which the current scale doesn't do. Not sure if the convenience is worth $159.


Starting weight: 181.8 lbs

Weight 4/26/11: 177.0 lbs - Not sure how much of that is due to illness.

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