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The Best Food Truck in Chicago

Ok, there are only three food trucks that I know of in Chicago, but let me tell you the Gaztro-Wagon is awesome.


The truck makes a stop for lunch and a stop for dinner somewhere in Chicago. Today they stopped a few blocks from where I work at lunchtime. As soon as I saw their tweet saying they were parked, I took off for the truck.

I was so excited I forgot to take a picture of the truck :) But here is their menu for today: (click images for larger versions)

I got the wild boar belly naanwich, the plantain chips and the chocolate cream pies. They are called 'nannwiches' because they are wrapped with naan bread instead of a bun or a tortilla.


The boar was served with red onions and olives. It was a great combination, the vinegar and salt of the olives cut the richness of the boar belly. The naan was nice, it wasn't crisp and I think it worked a lot better than something like a tortilla. The plantain chips were a surprise, I expected them to be sweet, but they weren't at all. I liked them but I thought they were overly salted.


Naanwich closeup.


Here are the pies. They were each two chocolate cookies with a chocolate cream filling. The cookies were perfect, crisp on the outside and soft in the middle and the cream filling was like a light mousse. A little expensive at $4 for two of them, but I'll be getting them again in the future.


Follow the Wagon on twitter and if they come to your neighborhood, you really should check them out.

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