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Weber Vegetable Grill Basket

Yeah, a pan for the grill.

We bought the Weber Vegetable Grill Basket a few weeks ago. It was well worth the $20. Previously, we had to used skewers to cook most of our vegetables on the grill.  This pan is much better. We can cut the vegetables up smaller and they cook much more uniformly. We can cook the vegetables with garlic or shallots without having them falling into the grill.  I think this pan also would be good for smaller shrimp or other seafood, but I haven't tried that yet.

On our Weber Genesis 'B' gas grill, the basket takes up a little less than half of the grill, so it's easy to cook whatever type of meat we are having with the veggies. When you flip the meat, give the veggies a stir. I've found that most things, when cut up, take around 10-12 minutes to cook.

With the pan, I highly recommend using a good oven mitt, as the pan gets really (over 400F) hot. We have Orca BBQ Mitts, which do a good job of protecting your hands. You just have to be careful to hold the pan with the ribbed part of the glove, the thinner part will get hot in less than 30 seconds if the pan is resting on it.

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