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Well, I made it a day & a half

Day one was easy enough. Myoplex for breakfast, Chipotle for lunch and a roasted chicken for dinner. We used a recipe from Guy Fieri for the chicken, it had arugla pistacho pesto stuffed under the skin. It was good, but I prefer the traditional basil & pine nut pesto.

When I got home last night, I really wanted a beer, but at least for a day, I didn't have one.

The chicken we bought from the Butcher and Larder, a great butcher shop over on Milwaukee Ave. We go there every Friday night to pick up our meat for the week. It is a very basic storefront, but they have some of the best local meat you can buy in Chicago. Their pork chops are incredible and cut to order. If you live in Chicago or the burbs, you should check the place out.

Tonight, only a day & a half in to the plan, I will be breaking the diet. Well, at least a little. We have reservations at the Girl & the Goat. We made these reservations three months ago, so there is no way I'm missing it. I'll try to avoid potatoes, bread and rice but I'm not going to skip dessert. Life's too short.

Starting weight: 181.8 lbs

weight 4/19/11: 179.8 lbs

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