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Welcome to Drinking + Eating

Since I've stopped posting to my 'regular' blog, I was thinking of starting something new.  Also, I've become somewhat more food-focused over the past few years, between a minor craft beer addiction and my love for cooking on the grill.

My hope is this will become a very informal Chicago based group blog focused on food & drink (not necessarily all alcoholic). No Google ads and no begging for pageviews. No shakedowns for free meals, either.

Why Drinking + Eating? Well, mostly it's because the domain was available :). I also think that the drinks that go with a meal, or occationally instead of a meal, are important. As much as I am a beer guy, I love a well made cocktail.

As a start, here are a few food pictures I've taken over the past few years.

Chorizo Burger I made last fall.


Here are a couple of pictures from Baconfest Chicago:

Pork belly & waffle


Bacon beer, and yes it was very good.


Bacon & Egg


Here's about the favorite thing I came up with in the past few years, a quesadilla burger, where two mini bacon & cheese quesadillas are the buns.

If you want to join up, please shoot me a message on Twitter.  I'm @MattVolk


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