Post-Vegas Blues
Monday, December 19, 2011 at 8:02PM
Matt Volk

Still in the post-Vegas hangover.

Like every year, the WPBT gathering was great. I came down with a cold on Friday afternoon, but didn't let it get to me too bad. The highlight of the weekend, other than seeing all of my friends, was going to Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan. Probably the best Spanish food I've ever had. Next year I want to check out 'e' which is their (even more special) restaurant within the restaurant. Lemongrass, a Thai restaurant in the Aria, was also very good, we ended up going there twice and were very happy both times.

FYI - The Aria was the best hotel I've stayed at in Las Vegas, it will be my go to place going forward.

Making plans for summer vacation in Vegas. Probably coming out to watch the Euro 2012 final. It's not the World Cup, but it will still be a good time to watch with the degenerates in a Vegas sportsbook.

Ran my first half marathon on Sunday night (Dec. 4). Really ran well, just a little over two hours. I averaged 9:30 miles, which is faster than I though I could run. I felt fine after the run but the next morning my knees & hips were really sore. I was somewhat surprised because I wasn't sore after any of my 9+ mile training runs.

It's been two weeks since then and I'm still not 100% back to normal. I hurt my left shoulder last week somehow which slowed me down somewhat. I tried to run on Sunday but shin splint-like pain shut me down after a mile & a half on the treadmill. I am getting a little worried about the half I am signed up to run at the end of January in Miami. I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to run inside anymore, which is bad because I really don't like to run outside in the winter. I really want to run under 2 hours in the Miami half, but if I can't run, there is no way I can do it. 

Work isn't helping either, I've had one day off since I got back from Vegas. This week is also going to be overtime-filled, so I'm not going to be able to (try to) run until Saturday. Hopefully I'll be able to go 6 miles, which is two laps around my outdoor loop.

I'm within two pounds of where I was when we left for Vegas, which I think is some kind of success. I've been pretty halfhearted with the diet thing the past couple months. I need to get back on the program, I'm around 10 pounds away from where I want to be long term.

I still really miss drinking beer every day.


Initial Weight (4/11): 181.8 lbs

Weight 12/19/11: 156.3 lbs

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